"Whether you’re seeking massage therapy to rehabilitate an injury, alleviate chronic stress and pain, reach a specific sport goal, or just to escape for some well-deserved relaxation, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs."


// Anatomica News & Events //

Bloordale Winter Warmer Fundraiser

As the colder weather sets in, we are acutely aware that there are many members of our community that need support. We’re collecting donations over the next few weeks to put together care packages for #Bloordale residents in need, and we’re urging other local businesses to join us in fundraising. Our goal is to fill 150 stockings with essential winter and personal care items, which we will distribute on December 20th, 2017,  to each attendee at that week’s community dinner hosted by the Bloor Lansdowne Fellowship Centre*.

At a cost of approximately $30 per stocking, we will be able to include:

  • Winter hats and gloves
  • Socks and underwear
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • A towel, soap, and shampoo
  • Razors, deodorant, and toilet paper

Please consider adding a $2, $5, or $10 dollar donation at your next appointment, to help support financially insecure and homeless members of our community. 100% of the funds we collect will go to filling care packages with essential items. As always, our heath care providers and therapists will decline any offered gratuities, but if you’re feeling generous after your massage appointment, our front desk staff will collect your donation.  If you don’t have an appointment scheduled, you may also donate online through Pay Pal by following this link:


HELP SPREAD THE WORD! If you are unable to contribute directly to the fundraiser, please help us reach our goal by letting your friends, clients, customers, and neighbours know about the initiative, including how they can donate! Thank you for helping us give back to our community this holiday season. Every bit helps!

*This is an initiative by the staff at Anatomica and local Bloordale business owners.  We are not affiliated with the BLCF, but we respect the work they do.  With the support of members of our neighbourhood like you, we can build a stronger community together!


Registered Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, performed for the purpose of restoring those tissues to a healthy state, free from pain and dysfunction.  Massage combines kneading, pressure, and percussion of the muscles with active and passive movement of the joints to relieve tension and restore balance and posture.  Registered Massage Therapists in Ontario practice Swedish massage, developed in the 19th century and based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology.  Massage is well-known to safely treat many common conditions, including:

• muscle spasms, trigger points, tears and strains that cause pain and limit movement;

• joint injuries, such as sprains and ligament tears and associated instability;

• injuries to the back, including  facet joint irritation, bulging, herniated, or degenerated discs;

• chronic pain and tension due to postural changes and dysfunctions;

• repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and rotator cuff injury;

• neurological pain and compressions, including shin splints and sciatica; and

• delayed onset muscle soreness following exercise or strenuous activity.



// Benefits of Massage Therapy //

Whether you prefer deep tissue massage or light touch, massage therapy can be a great addition to your regular health-care routine and offers a variety of benefits:

reduced muscle tension, spasm and stiffness, and increased ease of movement;

• increased flexibility and range of motion, with reduced joint restrictions;

• improvements in balance and posture, through training of complementary muscle groups;

• reduced pain and inflammation, and promotion of faster healing of soft tissue injuries;

• maintenance of healthy scar tissue and reduction of excessive scarring following injury or surgery;

• improved flow of the circulatory and lymphatic systems and improved immunity;

• promotion of deeper, diaphragmatic breathing which can reduce stress and ease digestion;

• reduced stress and anxiety, and improvements in sleep quality and quantity;

• relief from physical discomfort related to pregnancy, and postpartum depression; and

• improved relaxation and mind-body awareness through the sedative effect on the central nervous system.