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For our clients with buns in their ovens (or freshly baked little ones), Anatomica highly recommends Belly Bootcamp pre- & post-natal fitness classes! You’ll gain the strength and stability needed for a healthy pregnancy and swift post-partum recovery, all while building a supportive network of new mommy friends. Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up, followed by a combination of cardiovascular and muscular training, core work and stretching all designed for the unique needs of expecting and new moms.  Your experienced personal trainer designs fun workouts to burn fat and tone the entire body, plus offers specific answers to all your burning fitness questions. All Belly Bootcamp classes use the most effective techniques in women’s fitness to focus on the areas mommies & mommies-to-be need most. Belly Bootcamp restricts enrolment to just 10 to 15 moms per group to ensure a level of training you just can’t get from any other fitness class.

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