Meet Your Therapist- Dr. Mathew Saturnino

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As per our previous post, Dr. Mathew Saturnino has joined us as our chiropractor! We sat down with Mathew to learn a bit more about him. What are some cool courses/certifications you have taken? Webster Technique Methods (prenatal care) Rock Tape Kinesilogy tape methods Gonstead Technique Methods What are you interested in learning more about? Functional Release and Functional Range Conditioning Advanced Sports Rehab Acupuncture Nutritional Counselling for Diabetics Three types of treatment at which I am really good: Adjustments – especially Gonstead Techniques Extremity Mobilizations (knees, shoulders, hips and elbows) Treatment for Vertigo Something fun you don’t know about me: I have a 3rd Degree Black belt in Shotokan Karate I speak fluent Italian and understand Portuguese proficiently I hold a silver certification in the Wine Guild...

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Age is Just a Number – Five Senior Athletes

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When people think of seniors, they may think of sweet, grey haired grandparents. Yet, there are many seniors who are inspirational athletes, breaking records and competing at a world level. Here are five may help you find some motivation to commit to your fitness practice!

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Harvest Gnocchi with Feta

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Here in Ontario, fall is a great season for fresh fruits and vegetables. This filling and nutritionally dense recipe makes use of many of the fresh vegetables which are in season currently.

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Welcome Dr. Mathew Saturnino for Chiropractic and Orthotics!

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Please help us to welcome Dr. Mathew Saturnino DC, to Anatomica! Dr. Matthew joins us as our chiropractor to fill the space vacated by Dr. Rahim, who left us to pursue an opportunity at another clinic.

After a traumatic neck injury suffered during his martial arts training that went unresolved with other traditional and alternative care, Dr. Mathew Saturnino was introduced to chiropractic. The care, compassion and comprehensive treatment that were provided to cure the complaint led him on a path towards becoming a health practitioner. While attending the University of Toronto, he received an Honors Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, which fostered his passion for anatomy, physiology and exercise science. Mathew was welcomed into the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Class of 2015 immediately after completing his undergraduate degree, graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

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We’re Under Renovation!

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If you’ve been in to see us this week you will have noticed that we’re currently doing some renovations to the space! We thank you for your patience as we continue to do upgrades as we work to continue to provide the best experience possible.

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Cat-Cow Spine Stretch

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If you have ever been to a yoga class, you have likely done cat/cow. This yoga essential consists of moving the spine from a rounded position (flexion) to an arched one (extension). It’s a basic motion, but one that is enormously beneficial in preventing back pain and maintaining a healthy spine.  If you spend a lot of time sitting, you will find adding this to your daily routine very helpful. 

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