Justin Trudeau and Cupping!

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Further to our recent posts on cupping, the National Post ran an article yesterday about how Justin Trudeau engages in cupping. Annette Lambert, R.Ac, is able to show you the benefits of cupping and how the treatment which our PM uses may work for you too!...

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Have you followed us on Facebook? We posted last week about how acupuncture isn’t just about needles, as covered by the Huffington Post  R.Ac. Annette Lambert offers no-needle treatments at Anatomica! Acupuncturists are trained in several healing techniques, and only one of them uses needles. There’s acupressure, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, ear seeds, qigong, herbs, among others. Annette is in the clinic Monday from 2:45 – 8:30pm, Thursday 8:30am – 2:15pm and alternate...

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Dark Chocolate May Boost Athletic Performance

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We thought we would share some good news for all your chocolate lovers out there – studies on dark chocolate show that it may boost your athletic performance. Dark Chocolate is rich in epicatechin, which is converted to nitric oxide in the body. This dilates blood vessels and reduces oxygen consumption — allowing athletes to go further for longer! Of course, eating dark chocolate without added sugar will have the most benefits. You can read more about the studies...

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Chiropractic Care and Cupping

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Most people only think of adjustments when they think of chiropractic care; however, it may also include techniques such as acupuncture, ART, soft tissue manipulation and cupping! Remember the 2016 Summer Games, where Michael Phelps sported weird bruises on his body? That was due to cupping, which is a traditional therapy used to treat many health conditions, including pain. It works by pulling blood to the area affected, which stimulates healing. Cupping improves circulation and loosens up muscles and joints.  It usually isn’t painful, and sterile equipment is always...

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Acupuncture for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal tunnel occurs due to pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has many causes, from typing at a non-ergonomic angle to pregnancy. The symptoms of Carpal Tunnel include numbness, tingling, weakness, in the hand, and can progress to a point where your grip weakens, and performing tasks such as typing and using a stapler becomes very painful. Time magazine recently ran an article detailing the study done by  Massachusetts General Hospital on the effects of acupuncture on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In the study, one group was given real acupuncture and another group received “sham” electro-acupuncture, which used needles that didn’t penetrate the skin on fake acupuncture points. The group which received the real acupuncture showed measurable improvement in nerve conduction, significant brain remapping, and actual repair. They also have longer term benefits as well, and were more likely to report sustained or continued improvement in functionality—and in symptoms like pain, numbness, and tingling—than those who didn’t.   Just another reason to see what acupuncture can do for...

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Beet and Rhubarb Sping Salad

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When most people (incluing myself) think of rhubarb, they think of dessert and not salad. However, this delicious receipe may change the way you view this versatile plant.

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