What to Expect from your Osteopathy Appointment

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What is Osteopathy? The Canadian College of Osteopathy defines it as “A natural medicine which aims to restore function in the body by treating the causes of pain and imbalance. To achieve this goal the Osteopathic Manual Practitioner relies on the quality and finesse of his/her palpation and works with the position, mobility and quality of the tissues.” 

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Welcome to the Team – Megan Chalmers RMT, CAT(C), BAHSc

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Meet Your Therapist – Joel Couture, RMT

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We were happy to welcome Joel to our team in early March.  Having graduated from the health and fitness program in 2005, Joel has a background in personal training, specializing in working with athletes. Since becoming an RMT in 2014, Joel has practiced in a variety of clinical settings, giving him insight and the necessary tools needed to help a wide range of clients.

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We’re Pleased to Welcome Osteopath Julie Krize, M.OMSc to the team!

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Slow-Cooker Lemon Dal

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It’s technically spring, even though you may not know it by the weather!
This slow cooker recipe combines the warmth of a dal with the fresh spring taste of lemon – perfect for days like today!

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Scientists Have Just Discovered a New Organ!

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