Chiropractic Treatment at Anatomica

Chiropractic doctors are health care providers with expert knowledge of the relationship between musculoskeletal function and the nervous system, whose treatments focus on the structural integrity of the spine and biomechanics of the body. Chiropractic manipulations, or “adjustments”, are joint mobilizations used to reduce spasm & chronic tension in the muscles that surround and act on the affected joints. When performed on the neck & back, manipulations help to reduce unwanted pressures on the spinal cord and nerves, thereby improving the function of the nervous system.  Treatments performed elsewhere in the body are effective for reducing pain, promoting injury healing, and for improving gait mechanics, balance and posture. Chiropractors do a lot more than just adjustments — treatment often includes myofascial release, stretch, muscle activation exercises, strength exercises, nerve stimulation and acupuncture. To learn more, read our Chiro FAQ

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Initial Assessment & Treatment (60 mins) // $89

Follow Up Treatment (45 mins) // $89

Follow Up Treatment (25 mins) // $59