Custom Orthotics

We’ve partnered with Orthogenic Labs to offer high quality, custom-made orthotics using our state of the art 3D digital scanner. Your orthotics are made to measure just for you using the results of your scan and a thorough gait analysis and biomechanical assessment by our chiropractor, Dr. Rahim Lalji.

Custom Orthotics // $400

(Total includes assessment appointment fee, custom-made insoles, and dispensing appointment fee)

If you are planning to claim your orthotics through an insurance or benefits plan, please note that most insurance plans require a physician’s prescription with medical diagnosis, which will need to be dated prior to your assessment. Please consult your insurer for requirements or rules that may be specific to your individual plan.

Orthotic purchases are not eligible for direct billing due to restrictions put in place by the insurance companies.  The $400 fee for orthotics combines the costs of your assessment appointment, one pair of custom-made insoles, and the dispensing appointment. The total fee will be due at the time of your dispensing appointment; a receipt and a copy of your assessment results will be provided to you, which you can submit (along with the lab invoice from our orthotics manufacturer, and your medical prescription) for reimbursement. If you wish to have a second pair of orthotics (for your dress shoes, athletic shoes, work boots, etc) they can be added to your order for an additional $200 (for a total of $600 for both pairs, including the assessment & dispensing fees)

The assessment and dispensing appointments are subject to all of our regular booking and cancellation policies.  As per our stated policy, any appointment either cancelled or rescheduled with less than 12 hours’ notice is billed at 50% of the total service fee. While the cost of your orthotics purchase includes your biomechanical assessment & gait analysis, should your booking be subject to a cancellation charge, or, if for any reason you decide not to order orthotics at the time of your assessment, the standalone fee for the initial appointment is $125. The standalone fee for the dispensing appointment is $75.

Please let us know if you have any questions about your upcoming appointment, the prescription & dispensing process, or your insurance coverage, so that we can help make your orthotics assessment experience as comfortable as your new insoles will be!  Book your orthotics assessment online