Osteopaths use manual assessment & gentle manipulation of the body to improve posture, reduce pain, and promote proper function of the musculoskeletal, neurological, visceral & hormonal systems of the body. PLEASE WEAR LOOSE, COMFORTABLE CLOTHING OR ATHLETIC WEAR TO YOUR TREATMENT.

From the OAO website:

“OAO members have extensive education and clinical training, effectively assessing and treating patients using a range of manual techniques. They use a treatment philosophy that identifies and restores areas in the body that are restricted or constricted. They evaluate the body and employ a holistic approach to achieve improved outcomes. Osteopathic Manual Practitioners work cooperatively and in communication with physicians and other health care professionals.

The aim of your Osteopathic Manual Practitioner is to optimize the self-healing mechanisms of the body. The frequency of treatments is based on your assessment. Adequate time between visits is required to allow your body to integrate the changes that occur from one treatment to the next.”

Treatments are reimbursable by benefits plans that include coverage for treatment by an OAO-registered Osteopathic Manual Practitioner.