Five Questions about Restorative Hot Stone Yoga


You may have seen that we are going to be offering Hot Stone Restorative Yoga, and had a few questions about what to expect. Here are answers to five common questions:

What is Hot Stone Restorative Yoga?
Restorative yoga is a deeply soothing inward form of yoga where the body is placed in highly therapeutic postures that are supported with soft bolsters, blocks and cozy blankets while the mind is invited to slow down. As you relax in the poses, heated basalt stones are gently placed on the body. The heat from the stones gently penetrates into muscles, melting away layers of physical and emotional tension, resulting in a deep state of relaxation.

What should I wear during a session?
Whatever you are comfortable wearing! generally people will wear something warm, cozy and stretchy.

Can someone who has never done yoga do Restorative yoga?
You don’t need any experience to do restorative yoga. Each session will have generally five to six poses which are held for a longer time, allowing you to fully relax.


What if I am really stiff?
Perfect! Restorative supports you where ever you are with blocks, blankets, bolsters, pillows and any other prop you need to be comfortable enough to relax into the pose.


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