Benefits of Massage Therapy

Whether you prefer deep tissue massage or light touch, massage therapy can be a great addition to your regular health-care routine and offers a variety of benefits:

reduced muscle tension, spasm and stiffness, and increased ease of movement;

• increased flexibility and range of motion, with reduced joint restrictions;

• improvements in balance and posture, through training of complementary muscle groups;

• reduced pain and inflammation, and promotion of faster healing of soft tissue injuries;

• maintenance of healthy scar tissue and reduction of excessive scarring following injury or surgery;

• improved flow of the circulatory and lymphatic systems and improved immunity;

• promotion of deeper, diaphragmatic breathing which can reduce stress and ease digestion;

• reduced stress and anxiety, and improvements in sleep quality and quantity;

• relief from physical discomfort related to pregnancy, and postpartum depression; and

• improved relaxation and mind-body awareness through the sedative effect on the central nervous system.