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    Meet Your Therapist – Paul Dziegielewski

    We sat down with Paul, the most new addition to the Anatomica team, about his favorite parts of his role so that we could all get to know him better!

    Paul has been an RMT for six years, and he is an excellent fit for the Clinic!

    1. What are some cool courses/certifications you have taken?
      • Shiatsu
      • Fascia course with Thomas Myers
      • Anatomy
      • Osteopathy Courses in Cervical and Sacral
    2. What are you interested in learning more about?
      • Traditional Thai Massage
      • Shiatsu
      • Reflexology
    3. Three types of treatment at which I am really good:
    4. Something fun you don’t know about me:
      • I used to be a Hip Hop Dancer, and I also like to backpack and hike


    Nose-to-Armpit Levator Stretch

    This stretch targets the muscle that shrugs your shoulders, the Levator Scapulae.  It attaches to the top of your shoulder-blade, and to the sides of the uppermost bones of the neck.  To stretch, first side-bend your head away from the side you want to stretch, and hold for a couple of breaths.  Secure the arm on the stretching side behind your back to keep your shoulder down.  Next, gently rotate and nod your head so that your nose is pointing into your armpit.  Increase the stretch if desired by gently pulling your head farther into the stretch with your opposite hand.  Hold for 30 seconds or until a release is felt.

    Alycia Duff-Bergeron, Founder and Clinic Director

    When I opened Anatomica in 2013 as my private practice, I was committed to offering an unsurpassed level of service and care to every client.  Today I have the pleasure of working with a skillful team of therapists and administrative staff that are equally committed to raising the bar in their fields and providing exceptional treatment. Our therapists are dedicated, professional, and focused on your health. Anatomica proudly offers some of the most effective manual therapy and functional assessment techniques, performed by therapists with several years of practical experience, all of whom demonstrate a considerable effort to further their educations and understanding of current treatment protocols. We invite you to visit Anatomica to experience effective, personalized healthcare in an inclusive space, staffed by practitioners that are setting a new standard of professionalism. We are Anatomica. Welcome.