Massage F.A.Q.

What type of massage therapy do you practice?

Anatomica only hires Registered Massage Therapists, and all RMTs in Ontario practice Swedish massage therapy. Swedish massage includes manual techniques such as kneading and stretching of the muscles and mobilization of the joints of the body to reduce pain and correct postural deviations. Massage treatments may also include deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, exercise therapy and sports-specific treatment, depending on your needs. Massage therapy can always be performed without deep pressure if it is too uncomfortable, as there are lots of very effective light pressure and indirect techniques. Our therapists work with adults and children of all ages, and all athletic & functional abilities. Integrative and Advanced Myofascial techniques are offered by many of our therapists, and Hot Stone treatments and Thai Yoga Massage are also offered by some of our RMTs.

When should I have a massage?

Massage therapy offers immediate and cumulative results; clients usually feel better after a single treatment, and regular sessions will offer compound benefits. For general relaxation and maintenance, many clients feel that monthly upkeep appointments are a great addition to their fitness routine, assisting in muscle recovery and flexibility, while helping to alleviate the stresses of daily life.  Massage therapy is an effective treatment for a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including muscle strains and tears, joint sprains, and other soft-tissue trauma, and can be recommended once or twice weekly during early healing, and then usually every few weeks during the later recovery stage.

Will my massage treatment be covered by my insurance?

Treatments can be claimed on any extended health care or group benefits plan that includes coverage for massage therapy performed by an RMT.  Direct billing is available for most members of Sunlife, Manulife/OTIP, Johnson’s, GroupHealth, Green Shield, Medavie Blue Cross, Great-West Life, Chambers of Commerce, Industrial Alliance and Standard Life plans, when appropriate identification is provided. Coverage varies from plan to plan, and some restrictions apply. Anatomica can not guarantee that claims will be successfully processed due to limitations of some individual plans or companies. If direct billing is not available, a signed receipt of payment will be issued for you to submit manually or electronically.

Should I bring anything to my massage therapy appointment?

Whenever possible, please wear or bring comfortably loose or flexible clothing (such as athletic wear) to wear during your physical assessment.  If you’re receiving other health-care treatments, please bring with you any information you may have relating to your injury or existing illness that could help us ensure the safest and most effective treatment.   This includes x-ray or other imaging reports, referral notes, medication lists, or other pertinent documents. If your insurance plan requires a medical prescription for treatment, please bring it with you so that a copy may be kept in your direct billing file.

It’s my first massage treatment. What should I expect?

You will be asked to fill out a confidential health history form, and you and your therapist will outline your goals for treatment and discuss any illnesses or injuries that should be considered.  A physical or postural assessment may be performed either before or during the treatment. During the massage treatment, you will remain covered by a sheet and blanket so that the therapist may uncover one area to work on at a time. Your privacy is always maintained, so that you are comfortable throughout your treatment. You may stay dressed to your comfort level, however most people prefer to remove all clothing or to leave on only their underpants.  Hands-on massage techniques will be applied to specific treatment areas using lotion and/or oil to help soothe aches and pains, repair soft tissue dysfunction, and promote postural balance.  Your therapist will talk you through deeper or specific techniques as needed, and check in to make sure you are comfortable with the amount of pressure and techniques used. Following the treatment, we will briefly discuss a plan for your ongoing care, including self-care stretches and/or exercises for you to do at home.

Should I tip my massage therapist?

No, thank you. It’s nice to be appreciated, however gratuities are not accepted at Anatomica because our massage therapists provide healthcare for your muscles! Massage therapy is recognized as a healthcare service in Ontario;  RMTs are governed under the Regulated Health Professionals Act and by their regulatory College in the same manner as Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Nurses and Doctors. Although your massage treatment may feel like a luxury, there is absolutely no reason to tip your RMT or any of your other healthcare providers!  If you would like to show your appreciation, please refer your friends and family to see your favourite therapist at Anatomica.  Your confidence in us and continued support are the best way to say thanks.