Welcome Dr. Ali Manavi, B.Sc (Hons), DC

Further to our post about welcoming our new Team members, we’re happy to do a profile on one of our new Chiropractors, Dr. Ali Manavi. Dr Manavi is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He also holds an Honours degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences. He is a chiropractor in good standing with the Canadian and Ontario Chiropractic Associations. Dr. Manavi is a movement specialist who uses functional assessments to exploit unhealthy movement patterns that lead to chronic and recurring injuries. He focuses on patient education and active rehabilitation to restore healthy movement through targeted exercise. He uses a variety of manual techniques including but not limited to spinal and extremity adjustments, mobilizations, and soft-tissue therapies.

We asked Ali a few questions so you could get to know him better!

  1. What are some cool courses/certifications you have taken?
    • Athletic Movement Assessment (AMA)
  2. What are you interested in learning more about?
    • Functional Assessments and Restoring/Correcting Dysfunctional movement
    • Fascial release techniques
    • Systemic Disorders and Laboratory Diagnosis
    • Neurophysilogy (both this and above are personal areas of interest that I have been researching! There are endless things to learn)
  3. Three types of treatment at which I am really good?
    • Spinal Manipulation Therapy
    • Soft Tissue Therapy
    • Breaking down faulty movement and prescribing appropriate exercise(migraine/headache, temporomandibular joint, stress management, joint injury)
  4. How do you work with the other health professionals on the team to carry out a common treatment plan?
    • Most clients can benefit from multi-modal care,which is why multi-disciplinary clinics are ideal for clients. It is essential for me to get to know the different practitioners personally and know their professional areas of expertise and interest. When I do my original client intake I derive a treatment plan that involves all other practitioners at the clinic who can help care for an aspect of the client’s health. I treat the areas that I feel I can improve, refer to other practitioners, and follow up with the client/treat the client regularly until the treatment goals are met. This involves a lot of communication between practitioners so that we are on the same page about client goals and stage of treatment plan.
  5. Something fun you don’t know about me!
    • I am a huge soccer fan
    • I am a huge music fan. I am a drummer, an aspiring guitarist and secret signer.

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