Accessibility Statement

Anatomica is committed to providing an inclusive treatment environment for all clients.

Anatomica will accommodate individuals with disabilities who are using service animals or support persons, and ensure that the individual will have access to their support at all times while on the premises. Our staff are trained to provide service to individuals with disabilities, including communicating with people using assistive devices, what to do if a person is having difficulty accessing Anatomica’s services, and the requirements of the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Act. Anatomica staff can collect and provide information in a written, electronic or verbal form, and will make reasonable effort to ensure that any individual understands both the content and the intent of the communicated material. We will provide and arrange accessible formats and communication supports on request.

Our entrance and all treatment rooms are on the main level, with no barriers. All main floor passages are at least 34″ wide. Our two washrooms are located on the lower level, with stair access. We do not currently have a main floor washroom. Our treatment rooms are 11’x11′ and can accommodate most personal mobility devices easily. Two of our treatment rooms are equipped with electric treatment tables that can be lowered to 18-20″ and raised to 36″, and can support 500lbs. If you will require assistance during your visit, or an other specific arrangements to be made prior to your arrival, please feel comfortable to contact our reception team so that we may accommodate your needs.

We welcome all feedback on the accessibility of our services, all of which will be reviewed by our management team.