Acupuncture is a unique therapeutic method involving the insertion of extremely thin steel acupuncture needles into acupoints along Traditional Chinese Medicine's meridians pathways, to prevent and treat a variety of ailments. Treatment with our Registered Acupuncturist may also include acupressure, Tuina massage, tool-assisted Gua Sha soft-tissue release, and cupping. Treatment without the use of needles is optional.

Certified Athletic Therapists are experts at assessment and rehabilitation using the Sport Medicine Model of care. Treatments include manual assessment and multiple treatment modalities, including soft-tissue release, exercise therapy, craniosacral therapy, joint mobilizations, athletic taping, and bracing. Athletic Therapy is not just for athletes -- Certified Athletic Therapists work with clients of all ages and abilities to recover from acute and chronic/repetitive injuries, to heal and strengthen after surgery, and return to their daily activities with pain-free ease.

Chiropractic Doctors assess the structure and function of the spine, nervous system and joints, and treat disorders holistically using myofascial treatment, Active Release Therapy, joint mobilizations & manipulations, nerve stimulation, mobility and stability exercises, and custom orthotics to treat musculoskeletal injuries & dysfunction.

Naturopathic Medicine is the treatment and prevention of disease by natural means. A number of different approaches may be used throughout the course of treatment. Treatment modalities include diet, lifestyle counselling, clinical nutrition (primary via supplementation), botanical medicine, homeopathy, eastern and Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physical medicine and IV therapy.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners are functional anatomists who use manual therapy and gentle manipulations to restore proper body mechanics, nerve impulses and the circulation of cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic and spinal cord fluids. Classical osteopathy considers both soft tissue (fascia, muscles, tendons) and hard tissues (bones, ligaments), as well as the circulatory and lymphatic systems and viscera.

Physiotherapists have mastered the mechanics of movement under the Sports Medicine model of care -- they focus on both prevention and rehabilitation of injury, using functional rehabilitation to improve alignment, stability, mobility, and strength. Physiotherapists remedy dysfunctional patterns of movement and posture that affect the body's ability to withstand resistance. Physiotherapy is a great option for chronic pain, repetitive strain, sports injuries, accident rehabilitation, healthy aging, fall and injury prevention, and improving athletic performance.

Registered Massage Therapists practice therapeutic Swedish massage, which is based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology and follows principles similar to Sports Medicine practices.  Treatment combines kneading, stretching, pressure, and percussion of the muscles with active and passive movement of the joints to relieve tension, restore balance and posture, and facilitate recovery from acute soft-tissue injuries and chronic or repetitive muscle strain.