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Personal Information Privacy Policy

Anatomica Massage Therapy is committed to protecting the privacy of our patient’s personal information and to utilizing all personal information in a responsible and professional manner. This document summarizes some of the personal information that we collect, use and disclose.

Contact Information

We collect Contact Information from our clients such as names, home addresses, personal telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Contact Information is collected and used to open and update client files and schedule appointments, to send appointment confirmation and reminders, and to send clients information about our practice. Contact Information is also used to bill clients for treatment, to collect unpaid accounts, and to process claims for payment or reimbursement from third-party health benefit providers and insurance companies, if requested. Transaction records, including Contact Information, service dates and fees, taxes collected, and method of payment, are stored separately from Financial Information in the client file.

Financial Information

Financial information in the form of a credit card number, expiry date and CCV is collected and stored by our clinic management & scheduling softwares Genbook and/or JaneApp, and payments are processed through PCI compliant and SSL certified company Payfirma (prior to February 1, 2017, payments were processed through Stripe). We collect this Financial Information when scheduling an appointment for a future date, and used in the event of a missed appointment, or a cancellation that occurs with less than twelve hours’ notice, as per our stated cancellation policy. Financial information, if not collected at the time of booking, is collected if and when direct billing to a third party payer is requested, and is then used to collect any remaining balance not covered by the third party. Financial Information may also be used to collect payment for incurred treatment fees, if payment is not otherwise remitted. Financial Information is automatically encrypted upon being entered into our clinic management software and cannot be copied, and can be deleted from our software at the client’s request, once there are no unpaid balances or third-party claims outstanding, and no future appointments scheduled, or provided that an alternate arrangement has been agreed upon for those specific purposes.

Personal Health Information

We collect information from our clients about their activities of daily living, current health status, medical, paramedical, pharmacological treatments, and health history, as is required by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, the College of Chiropractors of Ontario and the College of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario. Personal Health Information is accessed and used by Anatomica’s staff and practitioners only when immediately necessary in order to facilitate appointments, to formulate a safe and effective treatment plan, and to control the spread of infectious diseases as per the guidelines laid out in the Registered Health Professions Act.

Healthcare Information Custody & Storage

All healthcare clinics are required to name a Healthcare Information Custodian (HIC) to be accountable for the storage and safe keeping of the personal information disclosed by clients during the course of their relationship with the clinic and its practitioners. Anatomica’s founder and clinical director Alycia Duff-Bergeron, RMT, is the acting HIC for all clients of Anatomica Massage Therapy and its practitioners. In the event of the death or incapacitation of the primary HIC, custody of all health information will automatically become the responsibility of the acting General Manager of Anatomica and remain so until such a time as a substitute HIC is named. All personal health information is stored electronically on JaneApp’s Canadian servers, or in a physical and discrete patient file stored in locked filing cabinets on site at Anatomica Massage Therapy (1302 Bloor St West, Toronto, Ontario). Personal Health Information remains at all times the personal property of the client, who may request (in writing) that copies of any part or whole of their records to be made available to them, or to be sent to an alternate healthcare provider, at any time while they are in the custody of Anatomica’s Health Information Custodian. Clients’ Personal Health Information must, by law, be stored for a minimum of 10 years after the date of the client’s last appointment, or 10 years after the client’s 18th birthday, whichever is later.

Destruction of Records

Once client files are transcribed into electronic records within our JaneApp clinic management software, original paper documents containing identifying personal information are shredded. Digital records are kept active for the duration of a client’s therapeutic relationship with the clinic and its practitioners, and will be stored for a minimum of the 10 year period following their last appointment or 18th birthday as outlined above, and archived thereafter.

Special & Allowed Circumstances

In addition to the circumstances described in this form, we also collect, use and disclose personal information when permitted or required by law. Personal Information is never sold or shared to third parties. Access to client information may be granted to qualified potential purchasers as part of the due diligence process in order to verify information important to the potential sale of part or all of our clinical practice. If this occurs, we will take steps to ensure that the prospective purchaser safeguards all personal & health information, and notify clients in the event that a new Healthcare Information Custodian is named.

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