Athletic Therapy Scope of Practice

kinesiology assessment


Athletic Therapists prevent or minimize the possibility of injury using strategies and techniques such as patient education, conditioning programs, postural evaluation, and equipment selection.

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Athletic Therapists are experts at evaluating the type and severity of common athletic, workplace, and chronic or repetitive injuries using established best practices under the Sports Medicine model of care.

Pain Management

Emergency & Acute Care

Athletic Therapists are trained to provide basic emergency life support, recognize and manage acute traumatic neurological dysfunction, and prepare individuals for emergency medical attention. These skills also apply to helping patients return to regular activities following an acute injury or accident.

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Preparing individuals to re-establish their pre-injury lifestyle, Athletic Therapists take an active approach to rehabilitation, including manual and movement therapies, electrical modalities, and targeted exercises to ensure musculoskeletal stability and function.

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Athletic Therapists work with individuals on a customized basis to condition for preventive measures and re-condition with exercise rehabilitation to avoid further injury and reduce chronic dysfunctions.