Open Letter to the CMTO Council President

Dear Ms. Tucker,

I am writing to you today to respectfully ask that The Council revisit the recent changes made to the Standards of Practice that now require RMTs to obtain written consent for the treatment of sensitive areas. It is my fear that these new requirements may have the unintended effect of preventing victims of abuse from filing charges and receiving the support they need, if the assault occurs during a treatment for which written consent was given. Knowing that their abuser holds physical evidence that they themselves consented to (any part) of the attack would be a very real deterrent to come forward following a sexual assault.

As an RMT who has been practicing for 10 years……

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Revised Informed Consent Standards from CMTO

If you have visited a massage therapist in the last week, you will have had to sign a new written consent form if your treatment included the gluteals, inner thigh, or chest wall/breast tissues, due to a recent change to the Standards of Practice for Massage Therapists, as published by their regulatory body, the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).  This new Standard was put in effect on September 22nd, 2017, and is required of all Registered Massage Therapists who practice in Ontario. The revision of this Standard comes as a reaction to Bill 87, introduced in Ontario as the Protection of Patients Act, which, among other things, calls for stricter protection of the personal information, well-being, human rights, and safety of patients receiving care by Registered Health Professionals.

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Age is Just a Number – Five Senior Athletes

When people think of seniors, they may think of sweet, grey haired grandparents. Yet, there are many seniors who are inspirational athletes, breaking records and competing at a world level. Here are five may help you find some motivation to commit to your fitness practice!

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Harvest Gnocchi with Feta

Here in Ontario, fall is a great season for fresh fruits and vegetables. This filling and nutritionally dense recipe makes use of many of the fresh vegetables which are in season currently.

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