How Exercise Changes Your Brain

Being physically active has many benefits, including reducing the odds of heart disease, stroke and diabetes; and helping to lower blood pressure. Studies have also proven that regular exercise changes the brain in ways that protect memory and thinking skills. Researchers found that regular aerobic exercise appears to boost the size of the hippocampus, which is the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning.

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Happy 2018!

First, thanks to everyone who contributed to our Winter Warmer Fundraiser! Thanks to your help, we were able to build 150 kits to hand out to the marginalized members of our community on December 20th. These kits included toques, ski gloves, chapstick, soap, socks and menstrual hygiene products – essentials to those without stable housing.…

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We’re Almost There!

We have just $200 left to reach our goal for our Winter Warmer Fundraiser!

We have started building the kits, and are looking forward to going to the Bloor-Lansdowne Fellowship on Wednesday  to hand them out to the marginalized population in our neighbourhood. Thanks to The Reading School and NutHouse for donating socks and feminine hygiene products, and to everyone else who has contributed allowing us to buy the toques, Toronto Winter worthy gloves and toiletries we are packing the bags with. We’re hoping to still pick up a few small toiletries still, so your donation will help us to brighten up someone’s holiday season.

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Giving Tuesday

After the big consumer events of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it makes sense to have a day for people to think about giving to organizations that are making a difference. We like to look for places that spend most of their money on programming as opposed to administration.

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Bloordale Winter Warmer Fundraiser

As the colder weather sets in, we are acutely aware that there are many members of our community that need support. We’re collecting donations over the next few weeks to put together care packages for #Bloordale residents in need, and we’re urging other local businesses to join us in fundraising.

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The Wood Wide Web

Back in June of this year Anatomica adopted a tree, a handsome if uncooperative Freeman Maple which quickly lost its leaves for reasons beyond human ken. Trees are mysterious this way. The adoption program, which runs across the Bloordale Village, is part of an initiative by the organization Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests (LEAF), thanks (in part) to whose efforts Toronto’s

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Open Letter to the CMTO Council President

Dear Ms. Tucker,

I am writing to you today to respectfully ask that The Council revisit the recent changes made to the Standards of Practice that now require RMTs to obtain written consent for the treatment of sensitive areas. It is my fear that these new requirements may have the unintended effect of preventing victims of abuse from filing charges and receiving the support they need, if the assault occurs during a treatment for which written consent was given. Knowing that their abuser holds physical evidence that they themselves consented to (any part) of the attack would be a very real deterrent to come forward following a sexual assault.

As an RMT who has been practicing for 10 years……

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Bloordale Adopt-a-Street-Tree Project

We’re very happy to be a supporter of the Bloordale Adopt-a-Street-Tree project! We have a beautiful Freeman Maple Tree in front of our clinic which we take care of as part of the project. This Saturday (June 10th) at 2pm there is a walking tour of interesting trees in the neighbourhood, for people to learn more about different tree species…

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