Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy is treatment under the Sports Medicine model, similar to Physiotherapy.

Treatment by an athletic therapist at Anatomica is a dynamic combination of functional assessment and manual therapeutic techniques, including sports massage, joint mobilizations, trigger point therapy, kinesiotaping, stretch and exercise therapy and neuromuscular integration. 

Athletic Therapy (AT) is a musculoskeletal manual therapy that evolved out of sports medicine, a philosophy of practice that places prevention of injury at the center of treatment, and takes a dynamic approach to healing that borrows on multiple disciplines. All athletic therapists at Anatomica are Certified members in good standing with the Canadian Association of Athletic Therapists (CATA), and have completed the B.SC (Kin) / AT program at an accredited university or college and 1200 hours of on-field and in-clinic experience, and hold a valid First-Responder license.

You don’t have to be athletic for Athetic Therapy to work for you.

Similar to physiotherapy, Athletic Therapy involves itself in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries related to athletic practice, falls, workplace and automobile accidents, fractures, concussions, and pre- and post-surgical ailments. Despite their name, ATs do not only treat athletes; their skills are as applicable the weekend hockey player with a sore knee as to the individual with low back pain from prolonged sitting.

Active recovery can help eliminate chronic pain.

Active treatments like Athletic Therapy allow for faster recovery from acute injuries like sprains and muscle strains, but also have a big impact on chronic pain and body mechanics. By retraining the body’s movement patterns and strengthening the muscles and joints that are affected by prolonged or repetitive motions and postures, Athletic Therapist help their clients move better and live pain free.

Sports Massage by an Athletic Therapist combines traditional and advanced massage techniques.

Hands-on Athletic Therapy techniques are often referred to as Sports Massage, which is focused treatment to specific muscles and joints. Using active dynamic massage techniques like Positional Release, Muscle Energy Technique, trigger point release and PNF stretching, Athletic Therapists favour local treatment for spasm reduction in tight muscles or increased mobility in stiff and sore joints.

Athletic Therapy is covered by many major insurance plans.

Many plans with Sunlife, Greenshield, Manulife, Blue Cross, Great West Life, ClaimSecure, Desjardins and other insurers allow coverage for treatment by a certified athletic therapist. Check with your provider for coverage details. A receipt will be provided for you to submit for reimbursement where applicable. Direct billing is available on many Medavie Blue Cross Plans.


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