Price List: 2024 Treatment Fee Schedule

Gratuities are not expected or accepted — our treatments are healthcare for your muscles!

Anatomica remains committed to providing the very best care and service to our patients, and ensuring that every member of our support staff — from receptionists to our cleaner — earns a livable wage. We are dedicated to help improve the wellbeing of our community, and we appreciate your business and support!

All advance-booked appointments falling after December 31, 2023 will be updated to new pricing:

Standard RMT
includes HST
Senior RMT
includes HST
Athletic Therapy
includes HST
30 minutes$95$105$105$105
45 minutes$119$129$129$129
60 minutes$141$151$151$151
75 minutes$167$177$177$177
90 minutes$189$199$199$199
Cupping Therapyadd $10add $10
Integrative RMTadd $15add $15
Prices include HST where applicable. Gratuities are not accepted.
includes HST
Initial Assessment$155$129$179$297
15 minutes$69$69$57
30 minutes$97$97$115$139
45 minutes$129$129$145$195
60 minutes$155$179$219
Dry Needlingadd $10add $10
Cupping Therapyadd $10
Prices include HST where applicable. Gratuities are not accepted.

For our complete list of available service options and fees, please visit our online booking site!

24-48 hours notice
less than 12 hours notice
no notice given (no show)
Cancellation Feesno charge50%75%
Our cancellation policy applies to all patients, appointments, and cancellation reasons. Not eligible for insurance submission.

Form Filling,
Test Interpretation
Report Writing,
per page
Health Records,
up to 10 pages
Health Records,
additional page
Service Fees$27$65$27$3

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