Four Reasons Why You Should Try Foam Rolling


For those not familiar, foam rolling is almost like a massage that you perform on yourself using the foam roller as an assistive tool for self-myofascial release. The goal is to target the body’s fascia, or the connective tissue encasing our muscles. Here are reasons why you should incorporate foam rolling into your routine:

  1. It increases circulation – Because foam rolling helps to break up tightness in the tissues, it helps ensure that blood is able to circulate properly throughout your entire body.
  2. It improves mobility – releasing areas of tension gives a better range of motion
  3. It aids post-workout recovery  and also facilitates injury recovery –  Rolling increases blood flow, which helps reduce the time it takes to recover!
  4. It boosts athletic performance – reduced tightness may help to ensure your body is working at it’s best.

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