What is Integrative Massage Therapy?

This unique and restorative massage treatment is rooted in osteopathic principles and performed by RMT and DOMP candidate, Kathleen Funk in Toronto.

Integrative Massage Therapy offers a unique approach to soft-tissue treatment, performed by an RMT who has extensive training in Osteopathic assessment and manual therapy techniques.

Osteopathic Massage in Toronto

At Anatomica, we only hire the most qualified practitioners who are committed to learning and expanding their skills. Registered Massage Therapists at Anatomica who have also completed 4-years of training in Osteopathy can provide patients in Toronto with the ultimate treatment experience: Integrative Massage Therapy. Integrative Massage combines the RMTs manual skills and approach to treating musculoskeletal conditions and soft-tissue injuries, with Osteopathic principles and techniques to promote self-healing.

Is Integrative Massage covered by insurance?

Yes! Integrative Massage at Anatomica is performed by a Registered Massage Therapist, and can be billed to any insurance or benefits policy in Ontario with coverage for massage therapy. Direct billing is available on most major plans for all massage therapy services at Anatomica.

Is Integrative Massage the same as Osteopathy?

Integrative Massage is a type of Massage Therapy that involves a variety of soft-tissue techniques, including Osteopathic manual therapy techniques. Integrative Massage is sometimes called Osteopathic Massage because the massage therapist has been trained in Osteopathy, and the treatment is performed with the idea that no part of the body is independent of any other body part or system which is the main principle of Osteopathic manual practice. However, Integrative Massage at Anatomica in Toronto is a treatment that is performed by a Registered Massage Therapist under the massage therapy scope of practice.

What to expect from Integrated Massage Therapy

Integrative Massage is rooted in the Osteopathic principles that treatment helps facilitate self-regulating mechanisms in the body by addressing areas of tissue strain, stress or inhibition than may impede normal neural, biological, and biomechanical functions. Integrative treatment includes several advanced assessment and manual techniques, which may include:

  • soft-tissue release
  • myofascial release
  • visceral manipulation
  • craniosacral therapy
  • positional release
  • muscle-energy techniques
  • strain/counterstrain techniques
  • active dynamic release therapy
  • trigger-point therapy
  • joint mobilizations

What to wear for Integrative Massage Therapy

Unlike Swedish massage, which uses long flowing techniques with lotion or oil, Integrative Massage is a bit more active! You won’t get under the sheets like with traditional massage therapy, and you may be asked to move your body into different positions or activate certain muscles as part of dynamic release techniques. You’ll want to wear or bring comfortable athletic wear that allows you to move easily and provides coverage to your comfort level for modesty.

Integrative Massage Therapy with Osteopathic Techniques

If you’re in Toronto and want to try a unique treatment experience, consider trying Integrative Massage Therapy with osteopathic techniques. Integrative Massage Therapy offers patients a chance to enjoy the combined benefits of Osteopathic principles and Registered Massage Therapy. Be sure to check out our other massage therapy services at Anatomica, too!

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