What is Integrative Massage Therapy?

Our recent hire Amir Salkic has completed the five year program at the Canadian College of Osteopathy and is a D.O.M.P. candidate. Amir integrates his skills and knowledge to better serve your therapeutic needs by providing you with safer and more effective treatments. In doing this he is able to deliver the best therapeutic massage therapy to better aid patients through their journey to recovery, stress management and wellness. incorporates advanced assessment and treatment techniques like Craniosacral, visceral manipulation, precision Joint Mobilizations, positional release & muscle energy to treat musculoskeletal and neurological injuries.

An Integrative Massage Therapy Treatment starts with a very thorough assessment to understand your body as a whole.You can expect to have a review of your posture, mobility, and general health history using visual and manual techniques.
Treatment is done with the idea that no part of the body is independent of any other body part or system, and much is done for treatment of the structure of your body. You may have a pelvis which is twisted, or vertebrae in your spine which aren’t aligned properly or restrictions in your joints; IMT will your body restore muscle and tissue balance.
Things to know about your appointment:
  • Wearing a tank top and shorts to allow for easy visual assessment. Unlike massage, you don’t get under the covers on the table.
  • Treatment may be a mix of gentle adjustments, myofascial release, counter strain and Craniosacral work.
  • Drink a lot of water once treatment is done! You may experience your body releasing strain you have held onto for years, and drinking water may help flush your system and promote healing. An Epsom Salt bath is also a good idea.
  • Some people say they have improved sleep after treatment!

You may view Amir’s availabilty here.


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