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Extended healthcare benefits are priceless if you have an unexpected injury or chronic condition that takes you away from the things you love to do. An integrated treatment plan that combines the expertise of multiple practitioners is an effective way to reduce pain and improve function[1,2,3], and having benefits coverage (and convenient direct billing) to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses can take some of the pain out of rehabilitating a major injury or living with a chronic health condition.

But what if you don’t “need” treatment? Many people feel they are letting their benefits go to waste and leaving money from their employer on the table when they don’t use their extended healthcare plans. Since most benefits plans renew each year, these coverage amounts can never be recovered once the deadline passes. Unused coverage can’t be carried over to the next year, which leads many people to rush at the end of the year to use up benefits they (thankfully!) didn’t “need” earlier in the year.

There’s a better way to maximize your benefits! Focus on preventative care, and explore holistic treatment approaches from a variety of wellness practitioners. Don’t wait until you have an injury and “need” care to recover — you deserve to care for yourself on a regular basis! Our team at Anatomica can all offer preventative wellness treatments, but here are a few suggestions that you may not have thought of:

Your coverage: Physiotherapy

Your treatment option: Fascial Stretch Therapy

Did you think you needed to be injured to see a Physiotherapist?! Think again!

Physiotherapy plays an important role in prevention and wellness, not just rehabilitation. Most of us have physical goals, be it setting a new personal record in the gym, preparing for an adventurous vacation, taking on a new sport or hobby, or simply maintaining mobility and stability as we age.

Working with a physiotherapist can help you reach your own unique goals by providing tailored programming and support that is based on an assessment of your own movement patterns and functional abilities. Physiotherapists use a variety of modalities and techniques including manual therapy and myofascial release, passive and active stretching, functional and strengthening exercises, joint mobilizations, neurokinetic techniques, and even specialized treatments like dry-needle acupuncture and Fascial Stretch Therapy.

Fascial Stretch Therapy performed by a Physiotherapist is a particularly popular treatment for clients who are interested in exploring Physiotherapy for prevention and wellness. After an initial review of your health, your physiotherapist will perform a functional assessment and develop a treatment plan based on your goals and these findings. Fascial Stretch Therapy is performed with you comfortably dressed and on the treatment table. A band or strap is used to assist in holding the stretch position, and the physiotherapist guides the mobilization of connective tissues around the joints in a gentle and controlled manner.

Fascial Stretch Therapy is eligible for direct billing on plans with Physiotherapy coverage.

Your coverage: Acupuncture

Your treatment option: TCM Manual Therapy

Not a fan of needles? You can still enjoy the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine by an Acupuncturist!

Registered Acupuncturists follow the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to assess, diagnose and treat physical health markers or symptoms, and the internal organ systems that are connected along the underlying energy pathways (meridians). Acupuncturists use a variety of techniques to regulate the flow of the body’s lifeforce (Qi) along these meridians, and can develop a treatment plan that entirely avoids the use of needles – and instead focuses on a variety of modalities, which can include cupping therapy, scraping and jade-rolling techniques (Gua Sa), singing bowls, Shiatsu and Tui Na massage, acupressure and adhesive beads, topical remedies, and supplemental recommendations.

TCM Manual Therapy performed by an Acupuncturist is a popular treatment for patients who are interested in this ancient healing practice but are not comfortable with Acupuncture needling itself. After a thorough review of your TCM intake questionnaire, health goals, and physical markers, your Acupuncturist will suggest a diagnosis and explain different treatment options. An individualized, holistic treatment plan will be developed using your preferred techniques from the Traditional Chinese Medicine scope of practice.

TCM Manual Therapy is eligible for direct billing to plans with Acupuncture coverage.

Your coverage: Chiropractic

Your treatment options: Functional Conditioning or Medical Acupuncture

Chiropractors are well known for their spinal adjustments, but they offer a diversified approach to care!

Chiropractic is a holistic approach to healthcare that goes beyond spinal adjustments! While joint mobilizations feature prominently in chiropractic care, there are many different techniques used by Chiropractic doctors and patients can benefit from Chiropractic treatment without ever receiving spinal adjustments. All chiropractors can offer treatment without adjustments, using soft-tissue techniques, gentle stretch and mobilization, exercise therapy, and indirect techniques to calm the nervous system. Chiropractors with special training can incorporate acupuncture, cupping, and functional conditioning techniques.

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture provided by a Chiropractor can be an effective way to manage pain and functional abilities, and may be combined with other forms of manual or neurofunctional therapy like Active Release Technique TM or PNF stretching.

Functional Conditioning provided by a Chiropractor can help identify and address imbalances that could lead to dysfunction, offer preventative mobility and strength training, and help you reach your sport-specific goals. A functional movement assessment will guide your treatment plan, which may include a combination of strength and conditioning, mobility work, and manual therapy. Cupping therapy can be incorporated into your functional conditioning or classic chiropractic treatments to improve range of motion and reduce pain.

Specialty chiropractic services are eligible for direct billing to plans with Chiropractic coverage.

For more information about how our team at Anatomica can create an integrated treatment plan for you, contact our admin team or get started with an Initial Assessment with any of our practitioners.

Anatomica is an awesome one-stop-shop! I have been going here for years for massage, chiro, physio and Alexander technique. Every practitioner I’ve worked with has been friendly, professional and knowledgable. I definitely recommend this clinic to all my friends in the West End!

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