My Athletic Therapy Treatment Experience

Thank you to C.G. for providing this guest post following her treatment at Anatomica!

I spend most of my day sitting at a desk. We have set up an ergonomic space, including foot rests, adjustable chair and monitor, and wrist support; yet I still find myself sitting with my legs crossed, or with my keyboard too far away from me, which has led to a few aches and pains in my body. 

I’ve had great benefits from massage, chiropractic and osteopathy at Anatomica in the past, and I know that my body always feels better with movement and exercise too, so — feeling particularly sore after a long day at the desk — I knew I wanted to visit Anatomica for an Athletic Therapy session to see the benefits for myself.

My visit started with a very thorough assessment, which included gait analysis, strength and mobility testing, and discussion on my health history and previous injuries. My athletic therapist decided that my wrist, shoulder and hip were the areas most needing attention. During the session, we did remedial exercises and dynamic release techniques to improve muscle function around my wrist and hip; as well as soft-tissue massage techniques and trigger point release for my hip, shoulder, and forearm muscles.

I felt great after my athletic therapy session, and left with a regimen of home exercises to follow to build strength and mobility. I have been able to incorporate these exercises into my morning yoga routine for a few weeks, and am feeling less pain — well worth the couple minutes it adds to my workout!

Athletic Therapy isn’t just for athletes, I think it’s great for anyone experiencing any type of pain in their body who wants to take a proactive approach to their health.

*edits have been made for clarity regarding the names and mechanisms of certain techniques.

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