Chiropractic Care and Cupping

More than just adjustments: Diversified Chiropractic Treatment Options

Cupping therapy uses glass or silicone cups to apply distraction (vacuum pressure) to areas of muscle tension and restriction, allowing for improved circulation and promoting tissue healing.

Most people only think of spinal adjustments when they think of chiropractic care; however, diversified chiropractic may also include manual therapy techniques such as medical acupuncture, Active Release Techniques*, functional conditioning and rehabilitative exercises, and various forms of soft tissue manipulation — including Cupping, by qualified Chiropractors with training in Cupping Therapy.

What is Chiropractic Cupping?

Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy that has been adapted by many contemporary Western disciplines due to it effectiveness and targeted approach. Cupping varies from other manual therapy applications in that shear force is used to manipulate the layers of tissue, as opposed to compression. The glass or silicone cups can be used in one placement (static cupping), or the Chiropractor may glide the cups in short or long motions along or across the direction of tissue (dynamic cupping). A vacuum effect is created with Cupping which increases local circulation through the area that’s being treated, and can help release muscles tension and promote healing of new and old injuries.

Chiropractic and Cupping Together

Cupping and Chiropractic are both used treat many health conditions, including chronic pain, muscle tension, and joint injuries, making them perfect to pair together! Cupping is a great addition to traditional Chiropractic treatment, and can be used reduce muscle tension and stiffness before adjustments, or to help treat chronic injuries and repetitive strain. Cupping can also be performed as an alternative to chiropractic adjustments, for patients who are not comfortable receiving chiropractic adjustments.

Is Chiropractic Cupping Covered by Insurance?

Yes! You’ll want to make sure your Cupping Therapy is provided by a qualified practitioner like those at Anatomica in order to claim to your insurance or health benefits. At Anatomica, cupping therapy is offered by several different practitioners, and is eligible to be billed under the providers main discipline. Direct billing is available on most major plans for Cupping Therapy performed by a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, or Acupuncturist.

Chiropractic Cupping Therapy in Toronto

Cupping Therapy is becoming more and more popular, and it’s no surprise to hear that more patients are looking for Chiropractic Cupping in Toronto! Chiropractic Cupping Therapy is a great option for patients looking for manual soft-tissue therapy instead of (or in addition to!) Chiropractic adjustments. The best chiropractors in Toronto know that a diversified approach to chiropractic treatment makes chiropractic care accessible to more patients. And access to healthcare is always the best medicine!


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